This guy went completely offline for several days in a row. You won't believe his story!


To escape reality, I went to a remote village in Wallonia for a couple of days and went completely offline. No TV, no mobile phone, no internet. It made me aware of the enormous amount of distractions we face during our daily life. Everything screams for attention. A sound or blinking light on our phone. Social Media, with one article screaming for even more attention than the other. Ad banners in between, trying to make us buy things.


Our attention span is down to a couple of seconds. When a small video on the internet takes longer than a couple of seconds, the maker already needs to keep the viewers attention by descriptions like "Wait for it!", just to make the viewer aware the climax is in the end. When reaching the end of the video, the viewer realizes it wasn't worthwile after all. Meanwhile, articles compete for the viewers attention with click bait titles (like the one in this article, or the video's below.)


I'll spoil the surprise. My video's below have no climax. They show you the same scene for a long time. They might appear boring at first. You might want to close it and look for something else to see. But give it some time. Just look at it. Look at it, and it might give you the same feeling I experienced when I was in Wallonia. How wonderful it is to shut yourself of and to look at "nothing". How beautiful "nothing" can be. Just look at the scene, and listen to the wind, birds, even the sound of traffic. I hope it has the same relaxing feeling on you as it had on me.


Did you read the entire article? Great! There might still be hope in this world ;) Enjoy the video's. Decent headphones recommend to isolate yourself completely!

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